Hey there, I´m Bianca and I want to help minimize your stress and struggles as a parent and find more peace and harmony within the parent-child relationship.

I am a mom to 4 children and a Certified Parent Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting. I am trauma-informed, have been trained in understanding behaviors, non-violent communication, somatic integrative therapy, mindfulness, EFT tapping, meditation, and breathwork. I have experience with children who are neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD) as I have a daughter who is on “the autism spectrum”.


An Attuned Parenting Coach for stressed-out parents and kids

When I had my first child a lot of insecurities arose. Would I do it right? How do I keep him safe? How do I meet his needs? All of this was completely new to me and my husband. Yet an inner knowing was showing up too. The kind that is taught not to be listened to, to not trust it.

We may have learned that the baby should be put down to sleep alone to learn self-soothing and to not hold the baby all the time because this creates a spoiled, manipulative baby and that when fed, diapered, properly clothed, and rested baby is crying, it cannot be anything else than “crying hour”.

I certainly heard these things mentioned by my grandmother when she visited me from Europe. She was convinced this to be the ultimate truth. And something she learned herself from her parents and grandparents. It was the norm. However, that inner knowing I had, did not agree with that at all. I held my baby close all the time, started co-sleeping safely, and nursed on demand and crying hour felt more like a label given to a baby that is disruptive to a parent, but a need nonetheless needing to be met in the form of warmth, closeness, and connection. “Baby-wearing” became my go-to and all of my radical choices from my family’s perspective (and society at large) were met with a lot of judgment, I was even called a bad mother by my grandmother for following my inner knowing instead of her advice.

This kind of judgment and any judgment and fears that come forth because of it, is far more common I believe, and most likely the reason why so many of us have lost touch with our inherent inner knowing., which is like a compass that guides us to live a life that is in alignment with who we are authentically. 


It was the start of a shift. I went on a journey to find my truths and debunk my fears as I felt the current ones were largely influenced by my upbringing and my adolescence experiences. To be my authentic self, which I wanted to be for myself and my children. It had been buried underneath the fears of shame, guilt, lack of self-love, self-doubt, and inability to use my voice. It has been quite liberating this far and I have seen the changes in the relationships between my children and me and even with my husband.

I have come to realize that the way we parent comes with many of these fears. And the fears to keep our children safe, about them being unsuccessful in life, about ourselves as in “am I doing this right?” and “am I good enough?” And often these fears stand in the way and block our ability to see who we and our children are authentic, innocent, and individually, which creates turmoil within ourselves and within the relationships we have with our children and the rest of the world. We even tend to see unpleasant behaviors as a threat, which is merely a perception that has been created through past experiences and a misunderstanding of the reason for the behavior.

Through introspection and learning about how my life had been shaped the way it did, how my fears were largely influenced by my parent’s and my ancestor’s fears, the implementation of a more peaceful, conscious approach to life, and, the way I raise my children would only make sense. It has offered me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the workings of how belief systems are formed, through studying and working with different modalities, such as EFT tapping, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in Yoga teacher training, somatic integrative therapy, and the training for the Empowered parent coach program enhanced this foundation significantly. Also, a deeper dive into understanding behaviors and the workings of the nervous system have supported me to no longer take the behaviors of my children as a sign that I am not a good enough mother or that they are bad children, but simply have needs they need to be met. I understand the fundamental roots of behaviors and with that also came more trust and a stronger connection between my children and me. By no means have I figured it all out yet, however, as this learning journey keeps unfolding, more keeps being brought to light.

Now I feel it is my honor to share this awareness with you my fellow parent.


The Attuned Parent Coaching Program supports you as the parent towards understanding your own needs that may not have been fully met and might be standing in the way of an authentic connection with your child and understanding the needs and developmental abilities through connecting them with the behaviors your child expresses, so you’ll be able to attune to them accordingly.

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I am clairsentient


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Personalized support and guidance towards a deeper connection with yourself and your children through making sense of your own childhood experiences, how it has affected you and is affecting your parenting now and how you can better understand your children through learning about attachment, brain, and neuroscience.

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Support and guidance are given in a group setting, towards a deeper connection with yourself and your children through making sense of your own childhood experiences, how it has affected you and is affecting your parenting now and how you can better understand your children through learning about attachment, brain, and neuroscience.


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