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Will Attuned Parent Coaching teach me how to change my child's behavior?

No. Attuned Parent Coaching will however support and guide you through understanding your child’s behavior so you can attune to the child’s needs, and when those are met, the behavior will change naturally.


Does Attuned Parenting utilize time outs, punishments & rewards?

No. The philosophy of Attuned Parenting is that punishing a child or sending a child to a time-out will not facilitate permanent behavior change. It may only be a temporary fix to comply with the parent’s wishes from a place of fear to be accepted, which does not support connection and is inauthentic. And rewards are an only extrinsic motivator, which means it doesn’t come from true motivation and will not be sustainable nor will they truly motivate anyone to put their full attention into the task or request.


Do I need to be a perfect parent to successfully implement Attuned Parenting?

No. Although it is quite common to want to strive for perfection, especially when it comes to raising our children, being a perfect parent simply does not exist. Parenting is full of ups and downs and as we embrace the Attuned Parenting journey, a lot of layers are going to be shed and this can be quite scary at times. It is normal to take 1 step forward and then 3 steps back. It is a journey in and of itself.


Everyone I know practices traditional parenting and they don't understand Peaceful and Attuned Parenting. How do I navigate this?

Something guided you to explore a more peaceful approach and arrived at Attuned Parenting. That something is called intuition or inner knowing. Many people have lost touch with their intuition and are guided by their past experiences that shaped their perception of how things ought to be done, including how to raise children. You may have been there once as well, but now you seek an alternative. It is ok if other’s don’t understand your journey, it is not their journey at this moment at this time. But following through on what your intuition tells you, creates a ripple effect outward for others to see that it can be done differently.


How do I know if I am ready for a change?

When previously used methods are no longer working and you feel you are out of solutions to change the current circumstances but want to end the struggles then that is your sign that you are ready for a change.